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Myanmar ( Burma)

  • Country: myanmar
  • Type: Art & Culture
  • Guiding: Guided

One of the most fascinating aspects of Myanmar is that it is a collection of separate states each with its own distinct customs & culture. With the recent change in government it is likely that some of this could soon…

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Textile & Culture Tour of Czech Republic & Hungary

  • Country: Czech Republic Hungary
  • Type: Art & Culture
  • Guiding: Guided

Czech Republic
Moravia, where we spend part of our time, is the more agricultural part of the Czech Republic, where traditional crafts and customs have survived and are increasingly flourishing.

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Romania Life and Culture – Behind the Scenes

  • Country: Romania
  • Type: Art & Culture
  • Guiding: Self guided or guided

Joining us on our Romania tour will allow you to discover a unique culture and history since this area has always been at the crossroads between Central Europe and Byzantium.